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Purpose and Goals

The purpose and goals of the Onward Scholars Program at St. Pius X- St. Matthias

Academy shall be to:


• attract, enroll, and provide financial assistance to student leaders from the

communities served by St. Pius X- St. Matthias Academy that have demonstrated

a lived commitment to the Onward Scholars Program’s values

• provide a solid bridge to a college preparatory education for the program

participants and their families

• foster a nurturing environment that is conducive to Scholars holding each other

accountable for reaching their academic and personal potential

• expose Scholars to opportunities that instill a love of service in line with

program philosophy and the commitment of the Sisters of St. Joseph to “serve

the dear neighbor”

• empower Scholars, through skill development and opportunities for open

dialogue, to be confident leaders on and off campus

• equip Scholars with resilience, grit, and growth mindset through the consistent

incorporation of socio-emotional learning into program activities

• educate Scholars on issues pertaining to women’s health from a holistic


• strengthen relationships between St. Pius X- St. Matthias Academy and the

Catholic elementary schools and parishes in the region