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SMA Scholar Spotlight: Jewel

Scholar Spotlight: Meet Jewel Cox!


Last week’s SMA Belle of the Week, Jewel Cox, is this week’s Scholar in the spotlight! 


Jewel is a member of Cohort I of Onward Scholars at SMA.  Graduating valedictorian of her 8th grade class at Westside Global Awareness Magnet and earning the highest composite score on the High School Placement Test (HSPT) of this year’s freshman class, the expectations for Jewel as a new Belle were high. She has not disappointed.


Jewel is in the Health Careers Pathway and is maintaining As in all of her courses, including her 3 honors courses in Biology, English, and Geometry. She is a member of the SMA Cheer Team and is the president of the Culture Club, which she founded to “educate ourselves about our differences so that we may grow closer together”.


Jewel’s leadership was recognized this summer during the California Youth Think Tank (CYTT) at USC for “her invaluable contributions to the program and commitment to service in her community”. Most recently, Jewel was instrumental in the class of 2022 earning their gold ties by helping mobilize her classmates and taking the lead on writing their class song. Her efforts earned her the distinction of Belle of the Week. 


Jewel is also active in her Church, regularly performing as a liturgical dancer and participating in community service projects. She is someone who brings out the best in people through her encouragement and example. 


Continued success to you, Jewel!  You have a very bright future ahead. We are so proud of the young woman you are in and out of the classroom!