Scholar Spotlight: Cori

Scholar Spotlight: Meet Cori Chapman!


Cori is this month’s Scholar in the spotlight! She is a member of Cohort I of Onward Scholars at SMA.  She is a graduate of Transfiguration School. 


Cori is in the Arts Pathway at SMA.  She recently showed her versatility as a performer, successfully playing a mobster AND a nun during SMA’s recent spring musical, Sister Act.  Cori can also regularly be seen (and heard) as a member of SMA’s liturgical choir.  We are so proud of the strides she has made in her time management and her grades-especially in Algebra where she recently received a 97% on her last exam!


Cori has also been praised by her teachers:  


Cori is a great contributor to our biology class. She always has something thoughtful to say and asks great questions. She is also a very talented artist, which she uses to make her notes and assignments stand out. She has also greatly improved her performance in biology in semester 2 by committing to strong study skills.


Cori has some done some great work this year. Right now, I am extremely proud of the work that she has done with her social justice project and I can't wait to see what she presents on May 2.


Recently on our field trip to The Broad, Cori wrote some fantastic poetry inspired by the artworks we were discussing and really put herself out there by being the first to volunteer to read them in front of the entire group!


She is always ready to be a leader in prayer and in group sessions.  She extends her help to anyone who asks for it but does not impose.  She has a kind heart and cheerful spirit.


She is the first to volunteer to do problems on the board.  She is very inquisitive and is able to make some good connections to things we have already learned with new topics. 


Cori states, “St Mary’s has helped me grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is one of the best things that I have ever experienced”.


Cori is also active in her parish and community through her involvement in the Daughters of the Knights of Peter Claver at Transfiguration Church.


We are so proud of you, Cori!  Keep up the great work! Congratulations and continued success to you!