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This month's Scholar Spotlight!

Scholar Spotlight: Meet Samantha Gonzalez and Vivian Martinez!


Samantha Gonzalez and Vivian Martinez are this month’s Scholars in the Spotlight! They are graduates of St. John Chrysostom and St. Agnes, respectively.  Both have a 4.0 GPA, including an A in Honors Algebra II!  Both are exceptional and caring leaders.  Both were recently accepted to the Western Golf Association’s Caddie Academy for their academic excellence, character, and demonstrated leadership. Through the Caddie Academy, students have the chance to earn money, meet role models, and learn invaluable life lessons on the golf course.  After successfully completing three summers, they become eligible for the Evans Scholarship, a full tuition and housing college scholarship (https://wgacaddieacademy.org/info/).


Samantha and Vivian have made their mark in the classroom at SMA, as evidenced by the following feedback from their teachers:


Sam and Vivian are top students in my Spanish class. They both try their best in helping other students. They are also great leaders in different activities in class.

Samantha is a leader amongst her peers. She always produces exemplary work, but is also willing to help out those who are struggling to ensure they are understanding the concepts.


Vivian has a very positive spirit and her leadership qualities are extraordinary.  She enjoys learning and has the appropriate questions when it comes to any topic.  


Vivian is very enthusiastic and loves to learn. She isn’t afraid to ask questions and her positive energy inspires her classmates. She loves to help others and her smile can brighten anyone’s day. 


Vivian has overcome some major challenges this year and I am proud of her progress. In our Social Justice unit earlier in the semester, Vivian chose to study dogfighting. She completed a service project where she hosted a cat and dog necessities drive at the school, the proceeds of which were donated to a local animal shelter. Most recently, she wrote an excellent poem about her experiences as an only child and scored very high (A) on her recital.  Samantha joined up with a team to write and perform a relevant and touching slam poem for which her group scored very high. This unit was great for Samantha as it allowed her to showcase her strong writing skills. Previously, Samantha studied domestic violence as part of her Social Justice Project. For her related service project, she worked with a group to put on an Easter Egg Hunt for children at The Alexandria House. Obviously, I am extremely proud of their performance and their service. 


Vivian is a member of SMA’s volleyball and basketball teams, Campus Ministry, and was recently selected as Athletics Commissioner for SMA’s Student Leadership Council.  Samantha recently helped spearhead a series of activities in support of Alexandria House, a transitional home for homeless women and children founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. She is looking forward to joining SmartBots, SMA's robotics team.


We are so proud of you, Samantha and Vivian!  Keep up the great work! Congratulations and continued success to you!